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Workshop Kyiv 2011-03   
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22-24/03/2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
ENA co-sponsored workshop on "Malnutrition in Children with Disabilities"

In Ukraine there are 55 internats level 1-4 (orphanages) for 7,000 children and adolescents aged 4 to 35 years with disabilities subordinated to the ministry of social affairs. In level 3-4 internats for children with moderate and severe disabilities a number of children suffer from severe malnutrition. In Ukraine there is a lack of knowledge and expertise in the field of malnutrition.

For the first time in Ukraine, a workshop on malnutrition took place in Kyiv. The workshop, jointly organised by the ministry of social affairs, "Sight and Life" (Switzerland) and National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine and co-sponsored by the Early Nutrition Academy, was attended by 32 representatives (doctors and nurses) from 25 regions of Ukraine working in level 3-4 internats.

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  • ENA Workshop Kyiv
  • ENA Workshop Kyiv
  • ENA Workshop Kyiv